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Your placenta is an amazing organ that was made by your body to support your babies development in the womb. It is full of hormones and nutrients that can help you recover after giving birth. The placenta stores vital hormones during pregnancy; after birth the essences can be preserved through proper preparation and storage. Replenishing what was lost during childbirth can boost a mother’s system, making the transition after birth much easier. It is truly Mother Nature’s greatest medicine!

Many cultures around the world honor the placenta, and Traditional Chinese Medicine has used the placenta for thousands of years. It is thought to replenish the bodies “Qi” (ch-ee), life force energy. New mom's can really benefit from this.

The preferred method by most women is to have the placenta encapsulated.  In this method the placenta is cleaned, then steamed, it is then sliced thinly and dehydrated. When dry it can be ground and put into capsules, mom's take 2-4 capsules each day over time, as needed for recovery and healing.

**Local HOME OR HOSPITAL Pick-up and drop-offs available**

**Additional delivery fees may apply, contact Sarah

Before putting your child’s oxygen mask on... put yours on first!
— Flight Attendant Safety Talk


Whether you are preparing to welcome your first, second, third or fourth child into the world it can be a daunting prospect. Trying to balance home life with self care whilst caring for a newborn is no easy task, especially when many of us live far from a family support network.What about momma love? This is a very special time for you, your family and your personal care is of the utmost importance... you can not fully help others until you are cared for.

Here are some of the services I provide to new mothers:

  • Meal Preparation - I can help nourish you by preparing light meals and snacks, allowing you to spend optimal time with your little one.

  • Housework - I offer help as needed with organizing, light cleaning tidying.

  • Pickups & Deliveries - I can run errands and pick up supplies for you as needed.

  • Custom Services - My help is customized to your needs. From holding your baby while you take a shower to offering support with laundry, food preparation, and keeping older siblings occupied.

Prices are based on services above and I do offer new momma packages, please email me for more information or call 415-309-4179.


Mother of two active boys

Mother of two active boys

reach  out to Sarah

CALL: 415-309-4179

Local Home or Hospital
Pick-up + Drop-offs!

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My experience with placenta...

I decided to offer this service to women after I had an amazing experience ingesting my own placenta. My energy would noticeably increase after taking a capsule. My husband would comment that I was “on fire” when he saw me cooking up soups and dips to eat as well as nursing and caring for my son. My milk came in abundance and I attribute my calm energy and ability to cope with a sparodic sleep pattern to ingesting my placenta. The capsules lasted me throughout the fourth trimester. The first three months are crucial for mother and baby, it is a time to get to know one another, the baby is still adjusting to he outside world and you are adgusting to your baby. If you can take something that is natural and made by your body, that helps you be a calm and happy momma for your baby then take it!


  • Pick-up* and drop-offs from local Santa Cruz homes and hospitals (*delivery fee may apply)

  • Dehydration of your umbilical cord in a soft bag, as a keepsake

  • Glass jar of your placenta encapsulated as 50-100 capsules for 1-3 per day, based on the original size

  • Directions on how to take the capsules, contact me for more info!

Sarah came to get my placenta from the hospital the day I gave birth, she made it so easy to have my placenta encapsulated for me. As a mother of three now, I needed all the help I could get!
— Betty S. from Berkeley, CA

Contact me to hear from other empowered moms that I have supported.

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Placenta Benefits:

  • Help prevent Post-Partum Depression (PPD)

  • Increase Post-Partum iron levels

  • Encourage lactation for breast-feeding

  • Help the uterus return to its original size

  • Combat fatigue

  • Balance hormones

  • Increase immunity

  • Shorten post-natal bleeding

  • Increase healing from trauma



Bit About Sarah:

I was able to experience the benefits of healthy living and a nutritious diet when I became pregnant in 2010. I maintained high energy levels, enjoyed a complication free pregnancy, and was able to workout up until the day I gave birth.

My Bauman College training + education in nutrition was the key, enabling me to choose the most beneficial foods for my pregnancy. My nutrition educator certification continues to serve me as a mother of two lovely boys, Kai (6) + Noa (3). After both natural labor cesarean births, I enjoyed a fast-recovery and was able to maintain the energy needed for challenging real life motherhood!

Nutrition Certification

 • Bauman College •

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